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Your secure haven for a lifetime of memories and messages


How do I know this site is safe and secure?
We have outlined our security measures on our security policy

How do you guarantee that no one will gain access to my private information before I die?
Before we grant access to one of your confidants for access to your information we require a copy of the death certificate. This will then be checked by our staff against the registries at the local council/government office to ensure authenticity before any information is released.

What happens if I am seriously ill?
If you are regarded as seriously ill or in a coma, we will release any documents relating to that situation. This is explained in the letter that you give to your confidants.

How can you ensure people receive the letters and videos I have written and recorded for them?
For every video and letter you produce, we will generate a letter that will notify the intended person of how to view it. Your confidant will have the responsibility to print this off and deliver the letter of notification to them. You will have an option to add the contact details of the receiving party if you feel this will help. Click here to see a sample letter

How do people view the videos and letters that have been left for them?
Each video and letter will be allocated an access code and password which will be noted on the letter of notification, this can then either be viewed within the website or downloaded. If you have decided to place the video or letter in a time capsule then they will also be notified of this and they will not be able to gain access until that specific date.

Why is My Memories so special and who can view it?
My Memories is a story of your life where you can securely document your special memories. We compare it to a modern day shoebox which you would keep under your bed full of old photos, letters and memories. The only difference in that in this digital era we can ensure that these memories will never get lost, damaged or be deleted and will remain accessible for future generations to view. If you wish, you can give your family and friends access to view your scrapbook from the moment you join and when you eventually pass away they will also have the opportunity to post their own memories of you on it.

Can I write letters in other languages?
Yes, as well as being able to use your regular keyboard, we also have an onscreen multi lingual keyboard.

I have a question that's not answered on this page, how do I contact you?
OneCertainty has a worldwide customer help centre that is contactable via email, letter and fax, but due to the huge range of languages we do not take phone calls. Our team will aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

For all other questions and enquiries please email us at this address: