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Founder's Story


The idea for the OneCertainty Group came to me following the death of one of my close friends, Joanne Banbury, in November 2009. Joanne was a truly inspirational person. She was full of life, had a huge smile and was a thoughtful, caring friend who was always there when you needed her. At the age of 42, she had just become a mum for the first time.

Her son Tai was only one year old, when Joanne was diagnosed with lung cancer and given six months to live. This was obviously a tragic time for Joanne and her family, but with this news she made all the preparations she possibly could in that time. A support group had recommended that she should leave Tai lots of memories for him to remember his mum by as he grew up.

So before Jo passed away she collected lots of photos and wrote some letters and placed them in a shoebox, she had also wanted to record some video messages. This is when I realised how great it would be if she could do all this online, not only would Tai have access to it for the rest of his life from any destination in the world, but her memories would also be protected from risks such as lose, fire and theft.

Unfortunately the technology wasn’t available for her to use but it did inspire me to develop it myself, and give many people and their families around the world the chance to benefit from it.

Jonathan Chapman